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Our main focus is customer satisfaction. With that we have three metrics to obtain your satisfaction. Quality, Affordability, and Service Time. When following those metrics we have nothing but happy customers!

CEM Inc. Specialists

Complete Installs

We offer full installs on all plumbing services like Toilets,…

Drain Cleaning

Let us unclog those dreadful drains. We use the best…

Plumbing Leaks

We specialize in fixing any sort of plumbing leak no…


We only use Certified Plumbers with CEM Inc.  ensure the best experience…

Value Time

Rest assured our Plumbers value your time and arrive with…


We aim to more than exceed your expectations and to…


Quality Certified Plumbers | Affordable Services | Quick Service

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My drain under my sink was leaking so bad it was getting in the basement, Waterloo Plumbing did an excellent job and would like to say thanks. - Cathy J

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